The Sensual Boudoir


Boudoir photo sessions allow women to see themselves as others see them.
Somewhere along with being a mom and working, that element of being feminine
gets swamped out - relishing in being sensual and sexy, and most of all, realizing that you are.
You really are all that.

The boudoir photo session can be an affirmation, it can be exploration, it can be just be for fun.
If you need a reason, there are a number of reasons why a boudoir session is great.
If you don't need a reason, well, then you don't need a reason - just do it!

We want to accentuate the quietly sensual nature of women that I photograph.

And if you want to be portrayed as bold and flirtatious,
or if you want to be photographed outside or on a rooftop, then there's no stopping!
Sexy and daring? We can do that. It is your photo session.

Woman is most beautiful when she smiles.



DanDerek photography has quite a few packages
and also we do custom packages all the time for those special projects and clients.
We are also very proud of our specialty products which
are made just for DanDerek photography and not found anywhere else.
We are here to make this experience so exciting that you will want to come back for round 2.
Please contact us and we will find out what your desires are
and what your wishes are for this once in a lifetime date.

Nothing makes a Woman more Beautiful
then the belief that she is Beautiful.

Latest News

Boudoir photoshoot, wellness, spa and other relaxation in Prague.

Treat yourself to a fabulous photoshoot in one of Prague's wonderful hotels.
Historical hotel Chateau St. Havel****, Hotel Hoffmeister***** and others Prague's wellness hotels you can choose from.

The wellness centres in hotels are literally created for relaxation to suit your needs.
Enjoy meditating in the private whirlpool or private sauna and let yourself be pampered by the skilled hands of masseuses.
You can round-up your relaxation with a delicious dinner in the luxury restaurant of hotels.

Price list of photo shooting at selected places in Prague can you found here.

We can provide transportation from and to Prague's airport.

Boudoir photoshoots in the unique studio in Budapest.

The amazing studio will inspire you!

This amazing and spacious boudoir studio is over 260 square meters of shooting space with beautiful natural light,
hardwood floors and lots of sets and furniture for your boudoir session.
Playful, coy, sexy, seductive and sensual. You will able to celebrate your femininity and the outcome will many STUNNING images.
We know how to help you feel comfortable if you’re feeling shy or awkward. You literally just need to show up and bring your playful side.

For more information, please click here.

We can provide transportation from and to airports Bratislava, Vienna, Budapest.

Women are always Beautiful.

-Ville Valo

Good girls go to heaven,
bad girls go everywhere.

-Mae West

Your team

Photographer, manager, web desinger, stylist
Manager, assistant, stylist
Photographer, assistant, makeup artist, stylist

Nothing makes a woman more beautiful
than the belief that she is beautiful.

-Sophia Loren

Information for
the intimate photo session.

4-6 hr photo session - enough time for a relaxed photo shoot

with several changes of outfit

a suitable venue for the photo session

hair stylist and make-up artist

more then 100 images in a password-protected gallery
(The images are corrected for colour and contrast, but not retouched)

a gorgeous Italian leather 12"x12" (30x30cm) photo book,
with 15 spreads (30 sides),
with a selection of the best images which are retouched for the album

a disc with the selected retouched images

Here is an example of the photo book in this package.

The turn-around time for this album is approximately 4 weeks.

More about the sessions:

With the photo session, I arrange a suitable venue - usually a room
which has a nice romantic ambiance.

Hair styling and make-up is included in the fee.

We want to accentuate the quietly sensual nature of women
that I photograph.

I have a female assistant with me.

Bring your favorite music!

Please contact me for more details or to clarify items.
You can either email me, or phone me.

Thank you, Dan

When you have a brush in your hand, inking a beautiful woman
is a lot like running your hands over her.

-Frank Miller

Your privacy

Your photographs will remain private.
I really value privacy. Your gallery (if you want one), will be password-protected.
So your photographs will never ever appear on my website or elsewhere,
unless express written permission is given.


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