Exclusive Boudoir Photobooks

Boudoir Photo Book
Putting together a spicy little boudoir photo book has been a been a hot trend for brides to give unsuspecting grooms on their wedding day but it also makes a perfect, birthday, anniversary, Christmas or Valentines Day gift too.

No matter what occasion, we want to make sure that your boudoir photos are presented in the most beautiful way. We know you have taken the time to plan out your boudoir photo shoot, invest in professional hair and make-up, not to mention some sexy new lingerie, so let’s make sure that your boudoir book looks just as gorgeous as YOU!

Exclusive Boudoir Photobook

Choosing the Right Style Boudoir Book

Boudoir photography is meant to be sexy and beautiful. The book style you choose should also reflect this. You want a book that will flatter your boudoir portraits and not make them look cheap. The book you choose needs to have some substance and presence. Quality really matters when it comes to boudoir photo books and not all photo books are created equal.

Choosing to print your boudoir photos on an ordinary press printed photo book can end up being a big mistake. This really is not the style book that best suites a boudoir photo book and will not do your boudoir photos justice. You need a book that will showcase your images on thick real photographic paper. The tonal ranges and richness of color that you get with archival photographic paper cannot be matched with a regular press printed book.

You went to a lot of trouble to take your boudoir photos so go for the best quality paper and you won’t be sorry.

If budget is a major factor, we understand. Our advice is to go with a smaller sized higher quality book than a larger photo book with flimsy paper. Our pure photo mount lay flat book if a perfect option for you. These photobooks received Pope Francis, or Prince Albert II of Monaco…

We offer you a complete draft and make of an exclusive photo book. Inner pages of a photo book are formed by photographs made with a classic chemical RA-4 process on a KODAK ENDURA PREMIER professional photo paper, whereas the surface can be canvas, glossy, lustre, silk or metallic. This professional photo paper is the guarantee of the best visual quality with a durability of 150 years. Photo books are made by a digital exposure of 640 dpi. Inner pages of a photo book have a special UV protection preventing the sticking of pages in case of liquid contact.

You can choose from various photo book formats, classic, square or panoramic. Maximum photo book size upon opening can be 40 x 100 cm (15.74” x 39.37”). Patented make guarantees that the book opening will create a completely flat surface without the discontinuance in the middle.

Photo book edges can be classic square or rounded. When selecting the photo book type and cover, you have a choice of several kinds of genuine Italian leather or a wide range of eco leather and various art materials which can be combined creating a unique cover. It is also possible to personalize your photo book cover with embossing or embroidery. Demanding customers can have their photo book edges gilded or plated with silver. Luxury wooden boxes for photo books are made of solid timber with a velvet inside and they perfectly match the photo book.

Exclusive Boudoir Photobook

Size Matters

How many pages should a boudoir photo book have and what size is a question we get a lot. When it comes to boudoir books, less is actually more…no pun intended. Seriously though, you want something that can easily fit in a bedside table or small enough to sneak into a suitcase. Most of the boudoir books are printed 10 – 20 spreads (20 to 40 pages) square format books in 30 × 30 cm (11.81” x 11.81”) and 38 ×38 cm (14.96” x 14.96”). Portrait 22 × 30 cm (8.66” x 11.81”) and 30 x 40 cm (11.81” x 15.74”). Boudoir books are made in the Slovakia but we do ship internationally.

Exclusive Boudoir Photo Book
Exclusive Boudoir Photobook
Boudoir Photobook
Boudoir Photo Book
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